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Moving Puppet, the specialist of hybrid animation

After carrying out a Research & Development programme, Moving Puppet has created a new production tool for real-time animation series.

Known as Motion’Anim, the tool allows real-life elements (actors, puppets, physical sets) to be combined with digital elements (2D, 3D and motion capture animation), and the augmented reality feature can be used to preview this combination on a dedicated set. Developed for preschool series Doodleboo, Motion’Anim can be adapted for any production that combines both live-action and digital images.


Motion’anim: a new dimension for animation series

Advantages of Motion’Anim:
•Preview the finalised scene in real time
•Support for the director (possibility of simultaneously directing all characters and elements)
•Support for artistic and technical teams: verification of the final montage, visual reference for post-production
•Reduced production time
•Real-time adjustment of interactions between characters (live-action and digital) for enhanced emotional impact
•Greater narrative freedom for live-action series (bigger worlds to explore, additional characters etc)
•An original, innovative and magical final image

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