Moving Puppet



From creation to puppeteering, the Moving Puppet Workshop designs original puppets on every possible kind of project.


Television, film, advertising, events, theatre…, whatever the project, the Moving Puppet Workshop’s team comprised of sculptors, visual artists, model makers, painters, technicians, costume designers, and more will take charge of the whole execution (design, puppet-making and puppeteering).


From existing characters to original creations, the Moving Puppet Workshop manages the design of the characters to meet the specifications, in line with all the artistic and technical requirements of the project.


The Moving Puppet Workshop’s puppet-making team fleshing out the characters.

Our specialized puppet designers are adept at juggling materials and colors.


Moving Puppet’s puppeteers breathe life into puppets on the set.

They are experienced puppeteers who have earned their stripes on famous television shows such as Sesame Street, The Muppets, Les Guignols, and Les Minikeums, among others.

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